Animal Greens & Plant-Based Superfoods

There has been a lot of hype recently regarding the addition of plant-based “superfoods“ into your diet for overall health. There are “reds”, which are found in fruits, and “greens“, which arise from vegetable sources. Animal Greens comes in the form of a pill, eliminating any taste concerns. Animal Greens contains three plant-based ingredients that you don’t normally see in a person’s diet, but which are incredibly nutrient-dense. These key ingredients are as follows:

  • Spirulina – A blue-green algae with incredible neuro-protective metabolic enhancing properties. It is made up of roughly 70% highly digestible protein, as well as important minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, and copper.

  • Chlorella – A freshwater algae that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, it can also absorb heavy metals from the body. Chlorella is dense with leucine, which is a good source of meat-alternative protein.

  • Wheatgrass – A young grass with an immunological reaction that protects against oxidative stress. It boasts a powerful list of nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamins E, C, B12, potassium, choline, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, and flavonoids.

All of the above share a common ingredient in chlorophyll, which has many health benefits. This includes antioxidants, anti-cancer, and protective benefits within the bloodstream.

On top of the greens discussed above, there is also alfalfa, kale, and astragalus. There are also additional red herbs and phytonutrients such as red beetroot, turmeric, green tea extract, maca, prebiotic fiber, and digestive enzymes, which are added to improve digestion and absorption. We recommend that our readers consume a nutrient-dense diet, along with regular exercise to maintain ideal metabolic health. However, some of these products are either not palatable or too hard to come by in one’s daily life. Luckily, Animal Greens gives us a way to do that without drinking a glass of grass.

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