What’s Going on With Raw?

So there have been some big changes in the Raw Nutrition product line in 2021 due to the acquisition of three-time Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead to their team. The 2021 release of the CBUM line was a major leap forward for the company, and Thavage Pre-workout along with CBUM Isolate Protein were their first released products. These products have the very bold flavor of blackberry lemonade, and serve as a power-packed pre-workout. In 2 scoops you will get 6000mg citrulline, 305mg caffeine, 3200mg beta-alanine for endurance, 2500mg betaine that works like creatine, 2000mg tyrosine for energy and focus, 2000mg arginine nitrate, 2000mg taurine for endurance, 1000 mg agmatine, 400mg alpha-GPC for focus, and 150mg theanine for focus.

Modern-day pre-workout products carry an additional pump enhancement to allow increased blood flow to the targeted muscles, allowing for better nutrient absorption. Nitric oxide booster also helps with better ATP production, leading to improved output and recovery….you should notice less muscle soreness. Added to this is 2 grams of arginine nitrate to give a bigger pump and performance! Everyone knows that the tingling feeling you get from a pre-workout is due to the beta-alanine compound which allows for the production of Carnosine that buffers the muscle’s lactic acid buildup hence endurance improvements. This pre-workout is also packed with 3 ingredients: taurine, tyrosine, and alpha-GPC to improve focus and concentration during your workouts.

Finally is AstraGin root extract which is an absorption amplifier and results in other ingredients having more bioavailability in the body. With so many clinically dosed ingredients, and the fact that they’re within reach without overdoing the caffeine …..these formulas will not let you down. And that’s a pre-workout fit for a Mr. Olympia!

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