Anabolic Warfare | Project Hulk? Turkesterone?!

It seems that Austin Texas-based Anabolic Warfare was bored with their supplement lines and just released not one, but 11 new supplements in a product line called Project Muscle. Inside Project Muscle there are the following types of products, that you can mix and match to get your optimal results:

  • Three Muscle-building Blend Formulas: Project Jacked (Least Intense), Project Gains, and Project Bulk (Most Intense).

  • Three Single Ingredient Muscle-building Formulas: Project Growth (Least Intense), Project Density, and Project Hulk (Most Intense).

  • Three Weight Loss/Toning Supplements: Project Shred (Least Intenses), Project Cuts, and Project Ripped (Most Intense).

  • Two Hormone Health Supplements: Project PCT and Project Test.

Let’s dig deeper into each supplement…

  • Project Growth – Contains Epicatechin and additional Green Tea Extract to not only improve protein synthesis, but also boost nitric oxide levels and is a great product to stack with their Stim Lord pre-workout.

  • Project Density – Includes 500mg Smilax Sieboldii Extract and 5mg Bioperine black pepper extract. This product not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but contains laxogenin to manage cortisol levels.

  • Project Hulk – The primary ingredient is Turkesterone boosted with 5mg Bioperine. This will allow natural anabolic effects when taken, but fewer side effects.

  • Project Jacked – Contains Creatine Hydrochloride and elevATP, both boosters of ATP production in the mitochondria of muscle cells for muscle growth. In addition, it contains arachidonic acid (pro-inflammatory), DHEA, and Maral root extract for hormone boosting.

  • Project Gains – Has a lower dose of Turkesterone than Project Gains does, but also has 600mg Mediator 5OP, a mTOR activator.

  • Project Bulk – This supplement on the other hand boasts a more aggressive dose of Turkesterone at 500mg. It also includes Epicatechin, Maral root extract, Smilax, and DHEA for a more well rounded muscle builder.

  • Project Shred – Has a combination of  buchu extract, dandelion, juniper, and uva-ursi, which as a whole are meant to stabilize estrogen levels and minimize water retention. Additional white mushroom extract to increase metabolism aids in this stimulant-free weight loss supplement.

  • Project Cuts – Utilize a blend of KSM-66 and Emodin to help keep cortisol in check as you burn fat off. In addition, it has 325mg of RipFactor to help with strength and endurance. Estrogen is kept in check, including DIM and metabolic enhancers 7-keto DHEA and acacetin for fat loss.

  • Project Ripped – It starts with the ingredients found in Project Cuts: RIP factor, metabolic enhancers, and estrogen balancing DIM. But where it differs is its got more testosterone support, but less cortisol than the products mentioned before.

  • Project Test – A handful of ingredients: PrimaVie Shilajit, Bubine Natalensis,DIM and Fadogia Agrestis used to increase muscle mass and strength, manage hormone health, and increase libido

  • Project PCT – Combines a testosterone boosting matrix and estrogen suppression blend. It also restores normal levels of estrogen and testosterone, while maintaining hard earned muscle gains and reignited libido.

All-in-all, Anabolic Warfare and Project Muscle have made a serious statement about building/shaping body muscle, and offer both beginners and more advanced athletes supplement options for their goals. They also kept the levels compliant, which in today’s fitness world is very important.

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