Creatine: Just What Is It?

Creatine supplies energy to your muscles. Many athletes take creatine supplements to help increase lean body mass and improve performance. This product was brought to the market back in the mid 90’s by a company called EAS. At that time, there was not much known about creatine and its possible effect on performance and strength. After that time, it took off in the bodybuilding market, as incredible strength and lean mass gains were being experienced by users.

So where did creatine originate? About 95% is stored in our skeletal muscles and is used during physical activity. It is also found in red meat and seafood. The average dose of is about 2 to 5g. If you were to eat the meat equivalent, you would have to eat 5 pounds of meat to get just around 5g. Professional and amateur athletes at all levels take creatine, to aid in their workouts and improve recovery.

Some benefits of taking are:

  • Improved exercise performance.

  • Help recovery from exercise.

  • Increase your muscle mass during training.

So if you are new to creatine and need help with getting the right products, stop by our store Ocala Nutrition Center and let us help you with your health and wellness goals.

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