Plants: The New Kid On The Block

There is a very heated topic these days with plant protein powders versus the gold standard whey powders. The purists will say that whey has all of the amino acid profiles that are needed to get the best recovery and lean mass gains, but we’re here to tell you that plant protein has everything you need for the same lean mass gains and complete amino acid profiles too.

Plant protein contains all nine essential amino acids needed for recovery of muscle tissue damaged from hard training. Now, while your body can make non-essential amino acids, it cannot make essential amino acids. You have to get these from your diet. Most of us live such a hurried life and our food choices are not often the best, so supplementing is our best option. Our bodies need these proteins for critical body functions such as repair, muscle development, as well as immune and digestive system function just to name a few.

So with that said, here are just a few benefits of taking plant proteins instead of whey protein.

  • Pound for pound, plant based proteins pack more nutrients into fewer calories.

  • Plant proteins have fiber, whereas whey proteins do not.

  • Plant proteins help with gut health.

  • May help with health issues related to obesity.

  • May help reduce the risk of cognitive impairment.

  • May reduce the risk of stroke.

  • May lower the risk of death due to cancer in heart disease.

So if you want to add a plant protein to your current health regimen, stop by and let us show you all of our different plant options.

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