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Everyone knows the human gut is important for digesting your food, but gut health goes way beyond this in your overall health. First, the human digestive system is composed of millions of microbes (aka gut flora) some of which are good, and some of which are pathogenic (disease causing). The balance between these two populations is affected by stress, diet, medications, exercise, and more. In addition to this, gut health has been shown in numerous studies to have a direct effect on the body’s immunity, psychiatric health, muscle gains, and much more. So we can see why optimizing one’s gut flora is incredibly important. Revive MD has been already invested in gut health with their products GI+ ,Digest Aid, MD Fiber, and Glutamine. The addition of MD Probiotic gives Revive a full gut spectrum.

With Probiotic, there is a good blend of lactobacillus strains, which have been shown in clinical studies to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and competitively inhibit pathogenic bacteria, which helps prevent them from colonizing your gut. All of this proactively keeps your gut microbe population shifted to more beneficial bacteria that will promote less GI distress and better absorption of the proper nutrients your body needs in training and performance. It’s important to remember that there is not one supplement that is the “magic bullet” for digestive health. Paired with proper diet, rest, reducing stress, and exercise, Revive MD’s Probiotic will be a great foundation towards gut health.

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