The 1-2 Punch Your Gut Needs!

There are over 300 brands of prebiotic and probiotic supplements in the market today –  so why do a lot not help with digestive issues (bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and discomfort? The Ultimate Probiotic by Silver Fern may be just the solution you have been looking for. The highlights of this probiotic include:

    • Ultimate Probiotic helps strengthen gut barriers
• It builds up the good bacteria and pushes out the bad stuff
• Corrects bacterial imbalances and permeability (aka leaky gut)

Through research and 3rd party lab DNA testing it was concluded that the problem was not with probiotics, but with the way in which they were treated to survive the gut. The bacterial strains in the Ultimate Probiotic are designed to help support key beneficial bacteria and help crowd out and fight harmful things thus strengthening the gut barrier. Its strains have been proven to significantly help the correction of bacterial imbalances, building up bacterial diversity and assisting with repairing the gut.

Once you have restored your gut bacteria population, keeping it balanced and healthy requires the proper nutrients. That’s where Silver Fern’s Targeted Prebiotic comes in. Gut bacterial composition is linked to body composition: gut health, diet, hormone imbalances, chronic lack of sleep, and genetics all play a role on obesity. What this means is that gut health should be part of any program meant to reduce belly fat. Targeted Prebiotic is fuel for targeting the most important microbe populations. And the most important populations can result in the following:

• Changing cravings
• Reducing appetite
• Increasing key gut compounds (short chain fatty acids) that control metabolism
• The short chain fatty acids help control appetite, reduce food intake, increase fat burn, and reduce fat storage

Targeted Prebiotics, along with proper diet and exercise, is a great foundation to burn unwanted fat and get to a leaner you!

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