Understanding Your EVolt 360 Scanner Results

The EVolt 360 body composition scanner is a FDA approved medical device for the assessment of athletic performance. Using a low grade electrical current that passes through your body, it measures the resistance ( current impedance) of various internal body organs, muscle, fat, and water. It then utilizes your specific information regarding age, weight ,height, and gender to create a personalized body wellness analysis. Then, it will recommend (based on your training goals) a macronutrient profile and supplement stack, all in one minute!

EVolt 360 Body Scanner Results Sheet:

Interpreting your 360 body scan is very easy. First, the highlighted areas are the key indicators to track throughout your training process. They are:

  • Lean Body Mass – A higher LBM relative to total body weight improves metabolism and burns fat to give you an overall healthier body.

  • Protein – The amount of protein (aka Nitrogen) is important not only to grow muscle,  but to repair/replace muscle cells as they break down during activity.

  • Total Body Water – Includes the water inside and outside your cells and reflects your fluid intake throughout the day. Body water should be 45-65% of total body weight. So you divide 89.7 by 155.4lbs (for example), and multiply by 100 to calculate your TB Weight.

  • Body Fat Mass – Your lean body mass subtracted from your overall weight gives you the total body fat and includes both subcutaneous and visceral body fat.

Bio Age is based on your internal health, whereas BWI (body wellness score), a more comprehensive version of the old BMI measurement, is based on age, height, weight, and gender of the individual. The segmental analysis shows what each body section is made up of in terms of lean body mass and subcutaneous fat mass. Finally, in the lower section of the results page are the macronutrient profile for your training goals and supplement stack to help support your training program. Each scan should be performed once every 4-6 weeks to track your progress, and it can be easily accessible to you by downloading the EVolt app. Come by and get your initial EVolt 360 Body Scan today!

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