Beam-ing With Joy Thanks to This New Whey Protein

Beam, which launched their whey protein back in 2020, is now reverting to their childhood with the release of Beam’s Fruity Cereal Whey Protein. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients:

  • 120 Calories
  • 25g Protein
  • 0.5g Fat
  • 3g Carbs
  • 1g Sugar (0g Added)

The smell is very pleasant and sweet, it tastes just like Trix Cereal! Trix (from General Mills) has been an American classic cereal, but has no financial interest in the Beam whey product. What you taste is the orangey orange, lemony yellow, grape purple, raspberry red, and lime green flavors you fell in love with as a kid, growing up at the morning breakfast table.

The whey protein isolate is a highly filtered form of whey protein that’s roughly 90% protein by weight. Most of the carbohydrates (lactose), fats, and various impurities have been filtered away. This is ideal for low carb dieters and/or those who are lactose-sensitive. Thanks to a great flavor system and triple gum blend, the texture is as great as the flavor. Beam has some incredible flavors in addition to Fruity Cereal. There is Chocolate Fudge, Salty Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Soft Serve. With these awesome flavors combined in a protein isolate powder, it’s hard to believe it’s a supplement! So if you grew up eating Trix cereal, and want to keep the processed carbs at a minimum, this is a great way to bring back those childhood memories.

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