PEScience Mag-GP Alternative

With the release of Mag-GP PEScience there is a completeness to the PEScience’s Immune-ST formula. The addition of this mineral supplement is very important in our body’s cell structure, metabolism, antioxidant synthesis, nerve impulses, muscle contractions, and much more. Mag-GO is a chelated form of magnesium that not only helps absorption, but combines glycerol and phosphate to help in ATP production. The glycerol, besides being highly soluble for absorption, has an enjoyable taste. Because of the body’s great need for magnesium, studies show we are not getting the recommended amounts of this mineral. We roughly need 3.5 grams of Mag-GP daily. It has been shown that magnesium improves your mood, helps get better sleep, lower blood pressure, lower glucose levels, helps insulin sensitivity, builds better bone density, and other important metabolic and cardiac benefits. Whether it’s for better bone strength, better sleep, or improved metabolism, Mag-GP is one absolutely worth trying to improve your general health.

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