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Revive MD has brought health support back into the supplement industry in a cool way. They released Digest Aid and GI+ and Glutamine, but now the final piece of the digestive puzzle is complete with their new Fiber product. Fiber is a new blend that contains 7 grams of dietary fiber per serving. It is used to improve bowel motility and intestinal function. Let’s dive deeper into the ingredients…

  • Oat Flour : Revive MD adds a large dose of oat flour to the blend, which not only adds fiber, but some unique non-carbohydrate components. Oat hull fiber is a highly insoluble fiber that provides some glycemic benefits.

  • Psyllium Husk : A highly water soluble ingredient, it actually forms a gel when mixed with water and is slow fermenting. For decades, psyllium has been used as a laxative, but not just any type of laxative. It works primarily by increasing fecal weight and stool size thanks to its combination with gas and water in the colon and small intestine. This function is extremely versatile, because it can both solidify stool for those who are too soft, but soften it in the opposite situation. Ultimately it leads to easier passage of stools and helps reduce diarrhea, as opposed to causing it. Research has shown that psyllium husk can consistently reduce appetite, especially 3 to 6 hours after ingesting enough of it. Those are larger doses between 10 to 20g per serving, so you need to take a few scoops of the fiber to get those effects. In addition it has been shown that psyllium husk has consistently reduced blood sugar levels.

  • Soluble Fiber (2g) :  Usually we would get from fruits and vegetables.

  • Insoluble Fiber (5g) : Which we find in cereals and whole-grain products.

Fiber is important in our nutritional health for many reasons including lower rates of cardiovascular disease, reducing your body’s inflammation, improving the gut microflora, reducing digestive problems associated with poor gut motility, and controlling body weight. The general fiber recommendations in your diet is 30-35 grams per day for men, and 25-30 grams per day for women. Getting this amount of fiber into your diet can be a challenge so that’s where Revive MD’s Fiber can fill in the gaps. The addition of Oat hull fiber to the blend results in a great addition of benefits to its users ….previously they could only rely on soluble supplements like psyllium husk to do the job. Oat hull fiber provides a more broad spectrum that boosts your fiber needs, especially with a high carbohydrate diet we see people continue to consume in the United States. As we left the best news for last, you get a choice of either unflavored or chocolate!

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