Rich Piana’s 5% Bigger By The Day

There is no one in the bodybuilding world that can’t acknowledge Rich Piana’s contribution to the sport. Between 2015 and 2016, his insane videos logged over 5 million views, so you know he’s seriously insane about bodybuilding. 5% Bigger By The Day supplement is designed to help any serious athlete or lifter pack on lean muscle mass gains. It consists of a handful of carefully selected and cutting edge ingredients that have some anabolic effects,some anti-catabolic activity, and some support for general metabolic and hormone health.

Let’s dive deeper into this supplement…

  • Vitamin A – Found in a human-friendly retinol form that supports thyroid function. To summarize,  Vitamin A stimulates anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects, offers higher quality sleep, better immune response, improves a leaky gut, and benefits skin/eye health.

  • HICA – Also known as leucine acid. It is a metabolite of leucine that has shown promise as an anabolic agent. HICA is more effectively absorbed than leucine to reduce muscle soreness, increase muscle mass, and decrease fat mass.

  • Laxogenin – A plant steroid that has none of the side effects associated with anabolic steroid use. Laxogenin promotes muscle protein synthesis and inhibits muscle protein breakdown.

  • Leucine – A very important amino acid, as it is the driver of protein synthesis through mTOR activation.

  • Green Tea Extract – Known for its ability to increase strength and muscle growth, it reduces fatigue and inhibits myostatin production to prevent muscle breakdown.

  • BioPerine – Not only helps make other ingredients more bioavailable, but helps initiate glucose disposal from the blood to cells and improve insulin sensitivity.

Let’s get real for a second….Bigger By The Day won’t get you looking like Rich Piana, but for some natty size and strength increases, it may push you past your current plateau.

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