How’s Your Gut Health These Days?

We as Americans rely heavily on ultra-processed food every day, so it’s not surprising that at least 15% of the population suffers from a digestive disorder – and that number is shockingly increasing every year. Research has shown that many of the products we ingest, especially vegetable oils, are inflammatory to the digestive system and result in a poor microbiome in the gut.

Thankfully, the Revive MD company has produced a gut health stack to help maintain your digestive system health.

  • Fiber: Both soluble (psyllium) and insoluble (oat hull fiber) are contained in this product, which help produce short chain fatty acids resulting in a lowering of inflammation in the intestinal lining.

  • GI+: This product increases the production of beneficial gut microflora, promoting gut immunity as well as repairing the lining of the gut to make sure it’s not permeable to undigested food. Ingredients included are glucosamine to improve the integrity of the digestive tract, apple pectin to increase the levels of beneficial gut microflora, licorice extract to promote mucus production in the gut, decaffeinated green tea extract to reduce leaky gut occurrence, and astaxanthin to improve the integrity of the gut wall.

  • Probiotic: Introduces live organisms to support beneficial bacterial growth in the gut.

  • Digest Aid: There is a blend of enzymes which aid in the additional breakdown of foods, which in the past were not digested properly leading to bloating and gas pain. This product contains 16 different enzymes to aid in your digestive process.

  • Glutamine: There is considerable evidence that shows that glutamine can enhance the barrier function of the gut. The human gut doesn’t just absorb nutrients, it’s also semi-permeable, meaning that it’s supposed to selectively allow nutrients to pass through while inhibiting the absorption of toxins and pathogens. Glutamine is known as a substance that can enhance the guts mucosal barrier, optimizing its innate immune function. When the mucosal lining begins to break down, the selective permeability of the gut becomes more and more indiscriminate. Eventually, a condition arises called leaky gut syndrome where undigested food particles seep out into places where they don’t belong, which can lead to chronic inflammation. Glutamine consumption is recognized as the most important factor in healing a leaky gut.

So, on top of fighting for better gut health using the Revive MD gut health stack, we always recommend removing modern foods that your great grandmother wouldn’t have seen in her childhood, and getting back to the pillars of ancestral eating – fats from animals in organ meats included.

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