Black Magic Goes 100% Vegan

Black Magic’s 100% Vegan Protein has quite a clean label compared to other vegan proteins, at just 110 calories with 20g protein, 2g fat, 2g carbohydrates, and 1g sugar. In addition, it contains a vitamin and mineral blend to support your overall health. This 100% vegan protein is using a Stevia blend to naturally sweeten the protein.The main protein is a pea protein isolate, which is a complete protein source in the plant-based world. Pea protein has all nine essential amino acids, which have been shown to have muscle building and strength increasing benefits. Pea protein is very digestible and contains no dairy products.

It also contains brown rice protein, 37% of its protein is in the form of essential amino acids, and 18% is in the form of the three branched chain amino acids. Finally, this product contains fava bean protein and mung bean proteins which help provide a smoother texture. Not everyone using these proteins is vegan, some are just looking for dairy free options. However, most vegan proteins aren’t even remotely close to the milkshake-like texture this supplement offers. Black Magic’s 100% Vegan Protein is a blend that uses a few extra plant-based ingredients to smooth things over texture wise.

So if you’ve been turned off by gritty pea protein powders in the past, give this one a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better companies like Black Magic are at making them.

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