Extra, Extra, Extra Says 5% Nutrition

Turkesterone 1200, just released by 5% Nutrition, is the first product to address some long-standing problems associated with phytoecdysteroid use. The approach 5% takes distinguishes this product from the supplement pack and raises the standard for turkesterone supplementation. What’s the reason?  They’ve added more to it – with extra ecdysterone – another anabolic phytoecdysteroid that will stack incredibly with the main ajuga extracts to turkesterone. 

Turkesterone is one of the hottest anabolic supplements on the market right now. It belongs to a botanical class of compounds which are responsible for coordinating plant growth, development, and reproduction. Turkesterone 1200 is a phytoecdysteroid, like the human anabolic hormone testosterone, and is derived from cholesterol. There are several phytoecdysteroids in the ajuga turkestanica plants, and some of them have been shown in research literature to interfere with the action of estrogen by displacing the growth hormone from its receptors. This can have downstream anabolic effects by improving the testosterone to estrogen ratio in your body. The best example of a phytoecdysteroid that acts on the estrogen receptor is ecdysterone, which is currently the best researched of all the phytoecdysteroids . 

Turkesterone 1200 contains some pure ecdysterone and it also occurs naturally in ajuga turkestanica . Ecdysterone in animal models has been shown to reduce blood estrogen levels while elevating blood insulin – like growth factor 1, which leads to greater muscle fiber size. Turkesterone research still remains limited, but what research has been done shows that it caused greater muscle gain than methandrostenolone, also known as Dbol, which is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in existence.

Another phytoecdysteroid in  ajuga turkestanica is added by 5%, called beta-ecdysterone, to give you a solid dosage of ecdysterone. Turkesterone 1200 includes astragin which increases the bioavailability of this product. In addition, cyclodextrin has been added which also increases the bioavailability of Turkesterone 1200. Finally naringin, a flavonoid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits, has been added as a herbal bioavailability enhancer which will increase the absorption of Turkesterone 1200. Turkesterone 1200, with all of the bioavailability ingredients and dosages of ecdysterone , is the best entry into the turkesterone market we have seen yet.

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