Project Shred: Who Wants to Get Shredded?

Project Shred by Anabolic Warfare is a stimulant-free non-thermogenic blend of natural aromatase inhibitors and diuretics to get you shredded. It does so by controlling estrogen levels and using select diuretics for water loss. Let’s dive deeper into this product:

  • White Button Mushroom Extract : An aromatase inhibitor of testosterone conversion keeps these levels remaining high.

  • DIM : Increases testosterone levels, decreases estradiol levels, and promotes healthy estrogen levels.

  • Dandelion Extract, Buchu Leaf, Juniper Berry : Potent herbal diuretics, but in a healthy way for your body, thus maintaining electrolyte balance.

No doubt this formula can help support fat loss and the negative effect of dieting on testosterone production. It can help you achieve a lean and shredded look with its emphasis on diuretic products.

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