Clear MRE, From MyProtein

The MyProtein research team really focuses on the development of unique industry-leading protein products to meet their customer base. The serving size macros breakdown for this Clear MRE is as follows:

  • 20g Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (80 Calories)
  • 5g Fat Extra Virgin Olive Oil (45 Calories)
  • 10-12g of Carbs (4-5g of Inulin Prebiotic Fiber)

MyProtein uses olive oil as the fat source , so you’re getting about 150 calories per serving, with half coming from protein. A quality meal replacement is very crucial to anyone trying to adhere to a diet, but with a busy schedule that places a premium on convenience. Keeping a meal replacement means you have consistent access to food that will support your goals. MyProtein’s utilization of the right fats shows positive effects on human metabolic health.

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