Let’s Be Clear On Whey Isolate

MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate is no normal protein powder. This is a whey protein Isolate that uses a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate powder that’s so highly refined, it settles translucently. It still has a complete amino acid profile like other whey protein isolate, but because it’s been pre-treated to an enzymatic process, the amino acid chains are shorter, making them easier to break down and absorb in your gut. This leads to benefits like a quicker uptake and less G.I. distress. It’s like a cross between an amino acid drink and a thin whey protein isolate. It’s perfect with lots of water and tons of ice, and those who are tired of sludgy dairy-based shakes and chocolate/vanilla flavors generally love the fruity flavors that these products provide. The best aspects of this clear whey isolate is that its fewer calories than traditional whey isolates and cleaner ingredients added to the protein powder. This makes for a clean clear whey isolate protein powder to mix with just water in your shaker. It is ideal for the people that are looking to lean out, but still retain muscle mass during their process of weight reduction. Recently MyProtein has introduced a limited edition clear way isolate powder called Rocket Pop which is being released the weekend of July 4, 2022 .

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