What Are Nootropic Fat Burners?

Muscle Tech’s Burn IQ Powder uses paraxanthine, the amazing caffeine alternative that has the potential to upend the supplement industries, relationship with caffeine stimulant ingredients. There is a pattern behind Muscle  Tech’s formulation philosophy, regarding the inclusion of carefully selected nootropic ingredients, that boost, focus, energy, and mood, and supplements that aren’t primarily marketed as nootropic supplements. This is perfect for diet time in brain fog.

Starting with 300 mg of paraxanthene in a two scoop serving, we get some sweet heat from a triple blend of grains of paradise, black pepper  extract, and phenylcapsaicin. In addition, Burn IQ powder also has great doses of fatty acid, transporter L-Carnitine, L-tartrate , neurotransmitting boosting, L- Tyrosine, and mitochondria beneficial Taurine. There is 400mg of green bean coffee extract which is documented to have anti-inflammatory , antidiabetic, and antioxidant properties. It’s capable of improving the body’s ability to metabolize fatty acids and glucose alike. The most exciting ingredient is paraxanthene , which is unique to muscle tech’s supplement line. After caffeine is ingested it goes to your liver for processing and is metabolized into 3 Compounds paraxanthene, Theobromine, and Theophylline . The good effects of paraxanthene in comparison to caffeine is that it is been more effective at sharpening motor skills, increasing performance in several dimensions of cognitive function, such as reaction ties in mental accuracy, it seems to be better than caffeine as supporting, muscle growth, increasing strength, and extending endurance. Paraxanthene only has a half life of three hours so you could take it at 4 PM and your body will clear about 80% of it by the time 11 PM occurs, less likely to affect your sleep then.

The bottom line, is that because Paraxanthene is the predominant, metabolite, a caffeine, it falls anytime you take a given dose of caffeine, you’re getting almost the same amount of para xanthene exposure as your liver, metabolize caffeine into pair xanthene. If there were major safety issues with Paraxanthene , the world would almost certainly know about it by now, and most of us wouldn’t be chugging coffee on a daily basis.

Additional ingredients include coleus extract, which has been shown to increase the bodies rate of fat burning. Also grains of paradise extract which we know converts, white fat, tissue and brown fat tissue from storage into energy. the addition of black pepper extract has been shown to remove fat tissue from the liver, which is a pretty big deal since, accumulation of fat in the liver can lead to non-alcoholic, fatty liver disease, a condition that’s associated with diabetes and obesity.

Muscle Tech Burn IQ is an awesome supplement. In an industry trend towards more enlightened fat burners, products that are designed to recognize that there are a lot more successful weight loss than just increasing calorie burn. Mood, energy, and focus all need to be managed properly for long-term adherence to any diet and exercise program. And now with burn IQ, you can even burn fat more intelligently.

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