Stick To The Creatine!

Primeval Labs announces creatine monohydrate is now available in stick packs! Customers will love the convenience of single-dose creatine monohydrate delivering 5g of creatine per pack. Creatine has already been studied in regards to its gains, strength, power, performance, endurance, and lean mass gains. The way creatine works revolves around the phosphate portion of the molecule that helps the body make more ATP, which is the fuel for energy in the body.

Thousands of studies later we have arrived at the conclusion that most of us figured out quite early on: this phosphate-donating molecule is an extraordinary way to improve all-around health. We’re glad it’s now so accepted, because we can now focus on more important things like how to get it from my gym bags into our water bottles without making a white powdery mess. And that’s where Primeval Labs prevails with creating these stick packs.

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