The Split Up Of Revive MD’s Vitamins

Revive MD has sold a vitamin D3 and K2 combination supplement for a while now, but they have recently separated the two ingredients into two separate bottles. First thing to know is that the price of the new products (separately) remains the same as the previous combination. Vitamin D has been found to help with bone loss, depression, type two diabetes, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D deficiency is found in an estimated 40% of American adults. Vitamin D can be found in a number of sources such as direct sun exposure, but a few of us spend very little time in the sun these days due to modern society’s affinity for indoor activities and the incessant push for chemical sunblocks. The obvious solution is to supplement with vitamin D, and bring your blood levels up to the optimal target. The main concern with just taking vitamin D is that it may increase your body’s absorption of calcium, and taking too much vitamin D supplementation might cause your blood calcium levels to rise dangerously high. This leads us to some type of paradox as having too little vitamin D can drive heart disease in the form of soft tissue calcification, and so can having too much vitamin D. Vitamin K, as it turns out, is what regulates your body’s use of calcium. Your body needs vitamin K to direct free calcium to places where it’s actually needed. Specifically, that means depositing calcium in your bones, where it belongs, instead of your arteries, veins, and other soft tissues. In other words, vitamin K helps your body properly use and dispose of calcium. This allows you to increase your vitamin D levels without fearing the negative effects resulting from a rise in blood calcium levels. So the question is why not always take vitamin D3 and K2 together? The answer is in the ratios of these vitamins. Most of us need way more vitamin D than vitamin K. Taking large enough doses of vitamin D in a fixed ratio with K means you’ll end up getting much more K than you need. So the point of Revive MD separating the vitamin D and K supplements is to give customers more flexibility and individualization in how they dose the two. For advanced athletes that are part of the Revive MD community, having more options is always better.

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