What is Epicatechin?

Many people are surprised to see polyphenol antioxidants marketed as an anabolic supplement. The majority of what is written on the subject focuses on their metabolic and cardiovascular benefits, with much less being said about their impact on processes like muscle protein synthesis. This product is naturally abundant in foods like dark chocolate and tea and is marketed as a nutritional supplement. The benefits of taking Anabolic Warfare’s Epicatechin are improved blood circulation, an increase in nitric oxide production, improved insulin sensitivity, reduction in blood cholesterol levels, reduction in blood pressure,and promotion of muscle growth by the inhibition of myostatin.

It has been demonstrated that epicatechin, alongside resistance training, does increase muscular strength and endurance. Additionally epicatechin lowers insulin resistance, which is implicated in the initiation of protein synthesis. So the choice is yours! Either eat a lot of dark chocolate, or use Anabolic Warfare’s Epicatechin to build your body!

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