You Want Stick Packs? 5% Nutrition Has Them!

If you want to introduce flexibility into your amino acid supplement, then 5% Nutrition has new stick packs to be consumed whenever and wherever. Each pack contains 6000mg branched chain amino acids (BCAA) in a 20:1:1 ratio, which helps maintain your muscle mass instead of tearing it down. The heavy dose of leucine helps its role as the primary activator of the mTOR for protein synthesis. The 2750mg of essential amino acids (EAA) are added to provide the required nutrients for strenuous muscle activity. In addition, it includes L-glutamine for less soreness and improved recovery. Also included is a 800mg blend of beta-alanine, bicarbonate and dicalcium phosphate for endurance, and 650mg of joint and liver support blend that promotes joint health during strenuous exercise.

ADYM is a much easier approach to muscle recovery, and the new stick packs now make it even easier! Check them out!

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