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In recent years, supplement manufacturers have been upping the ante regarding the amounts of citrulline in their pre-workout. In 2014, Kaged launched Pre-Kaged with an industry leading 6.5 grams of citrulline. Now in 2022, the introduction of Pre-Kaged Elite took it to a staggering 10 grams of citrulline per serving. Citrulline is an essential amino acid that your body can make but can’t produce enough of for certain heightened metabolic requirements, like heavy training. It has been shown in studies that a 10 gram dose of citrulline will allow maximum availability of arginine in the blood, and adding more citrulline above 10 grams actually significantly increases the serum arginine.

So it looks like, for now, that 10 grams of citrulline will give you the biggest bang for the buck in pre-workouts.

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