Boosting Your Endurance With Raw Beta-Alanine

Raw has introduced its new beta-alanine that will allow for improved exercise capacity and endurance. Beta-alanine is the precursor to carnosine, which will help keep muscle fatigue at bay by the buffering lactic acid that is produced in your muscles during exercise. In addition, Raw’s product contains L-histidine which is another carnosine precursor, thus more muscular endurance. Finally Raw’s product added some electrolytes to further enhance the body’s performance and recovery. Stacking this product with a pre-workout is also a good way to improve your body’s performance, but beware of the added tingling that comes from using this product above the recommended amount of 3.2g. Studies have shown that it can be safe to use up to 6.4g per dose with no other side effects. Another option is to space out the Raw’s beta-alanine into smaller doses throughout the day and use a pre-workout that has no beta-alanine in it.

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