New From Animal Pak…Less Pills!

Animal Pak is more than just a multivitamin because of its comprehensive ingredient profile. This new and improved concentrated formula has more than 60 key ingredients, including 35 vitamins and minerals, 21 amino acids, protein, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, liver detox compounds, ergogenic acids, and energy and focus boosters. Regardless of how perfect your diet is, more likely than not, there are some nutritional gaps that the Animal Pak could fill with their robust ingredients.

So what allowed the 11 original pills to be narrowed down to just 8? Thanks to the ingredient and dose changes is how they did it. What they removed was NAC, PABA, pine bark extract and coffee bean extract. What they added was cocoa bean powder, ginkgo biloba, spirulina and antioxidants spectra and astaxanthin.

The makers of Animal Pak are trying to not only include hard core bodybuilders in their products, but to appeal to a more diverse audience with this new Animal Pak.

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